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Re: [T3] Current situation...assistance please.

In a message dated 11/24/05 11:53:11 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
kittypooka@yahoo.com writes:

<< ...previous
 owner started to patch the body and primer it...but
 only the exterior..*shivers*...haven't had time to
 drag it to the shop at work....metal fab should be
 easy enough...welders and plasma cutters abound at the
 shop...but 30 years of sitting in MI barn can destroy
 alot of things. >>

Yeah, but sometimes sitting in a barn is even worse on them. I'm currently 
working on a t-1 based ghia that had sat for a few years in one, before spending 
the next 23 years in both a garage and stored outside beside the garage in SE 
MI. The car had only 68,000 miles on it, and is basically a 1 one owner car 
(was owned by the guy's sister), but sitting didn't help it at all. It's 
currently getting the entire lower 6 inches of metal replaced. The pan however is in 
great shape (go figure). The only good thing about doing this car, is that 
replacement parts ARE available, unlike our cars. :(

You might want to spend some time in the Samba classifieds ( www.thesamba.com 
), as there are a few sets of them listed there, along with both stock 
mufflers and header systems. You might also want to go to the Ypsilanti show (may 
21st 2006), as there might be some t-3 parts in the small swap meet. Also I 
think there is usually a show or 2 in Ohio, the one in Toledo comes to mind. There 
are also some in Indiana too, but I don't know what dates are at this time.  
You could also post a wanted ad to the MI Vintage web site ( www.mvvc.net) and 
click on the forums bar to work your way into the site (they changed it this 
year, and it's a little more complicated to use). I hope this helps.

Bob 65 Notch S w/ Sunroof and IRS
       71 Square, now a 2 seat Roadster, pics can be seen at; 
http://volksrods.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=2977 and now awaiting a 2.0L  t-4 engine 
transplant, finally have the needed parts : )

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