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Re: [T3] Current situation...assistance please.

>If it was removed from service with the salt still on
it, the >body  could be in disasterous shape by now!

Haven't had much time to look under it...previous
owner started to patch the body and primer it...but
only the exterior..*shivers*...haven't had time to
drag it to the shop at work....metal fab should be
easy enough...welders and plasma cutters abound at the
shop...but 30 years of sitting in MI barn can destroy
alot of things. 

>Oh no you wont, except for the shocks all the parts
are >unavailable  now, and the shocks you get at the
FLAPS will be >too stiff.  at 66K, if its been lubed
the suspension should be >like new.  The OE shocks are
likely to be good too.

Shocks are already ordered 2 new fronts came with
it...cofab brand I belive...all the rubber pieces
underneath seem to be dry rotted though....given the
road conditions around here(many potholes)...would
urthane be good for replacements or just stick w/
rubber pieces?

>Dont touch it if its good, do a compression check...
if its well 
>maintained its only about half worn out but it IS due
for a >valve job.

valve job as in replacing or just regapping?

I guess I'll look a bit harder for heater
boxes...found a few mufflers...headers seem to be a
bit harder to find...

YEA...youll have no heat!  and the heads and cylinders
run hotter 
unless you
make some tin to fill the gap where the heaterbox was.

I think there's a swap meet in PA next summer....I'll
have to head that way....seems to be the closest to


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