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[T3] Current situation...assistance please.

I've just come across a completely stock '69
squareback w/ FI.....only 66K on the engine....it's
been barn stored for around 30 years...the son of the
original owner tried to use it for a winter car...(it
was barned for having a small fuel leak)...a new bosch
electronic fuel pump has been installed...and cap and
wires..injectors and plugs...he stopped using it due
to the plugs getting oil fouled quickly after he tried
to put a different exhaust on..put the stock back on
and it never ran quite the same I guess.
I intend to replace all the suspension and restore the
rust damage under the body...but I'm a bit torn on
what to do w/ the engine currently....should I
completely rebuild it w/ new pistons and such...or
just replace all the gaskets...change the ignition
over to electronic?.....and a bit confused on which
oil pump to get...wanting to replace the stock one w/
one with an oil filter port.
Will j-pipes interfer w/ cold weather
driving....thinking of replacing the heater boes w/
them since they're much cheaper...and installing a
alternator inplace of the generator...which seems to
have some arc spots on the stator...should allow me to
run a small electric heater.
Body damage doesn't seem to be bad ecept for the
rocker panels and right around the headlights....
Any help would be great. 


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