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Re: [T3] Fuel Injection vs. Duel Carbs

> Stranded? by a Type 3? NEVER!  in 17+ years of driving Type 3's 10 of which
> were in the winter I got stranded all of twice, once at home by a worn out
> starter, once at home with a cracked distributor cap.

In 41 years of travelling in Type 3s, I've not broken down irretrievably, though
I once had a self-inflicted braking problem that meant I had to release the
pressure in the line and subsequently use the brakes as little as possible.
The only time (as yet) I've had attention from the mobile patrol was when the
voltage regulator burnt out on a Sunday on the way to visiting my parents, and I
wondered if that was the sort of thing they might be able to come up with.  They
met me at the house, but couldn't come up with a spare part, so on Monday drove
to get another through 10 miles of wet weather using headlights and wipers when
the vis was too bad - the battery held up fine.

I was a passenger in my father's '64 1500S Variant when it lost a wheel after
the mechanic had fitted mud-flaps during a service and hadn't fully tightened
the lug bolts, but we managed to lift it enough to fit the jack and put it back
on.  The garage reshaped and painted the rear wing for us!

Other than that, nothing I would call a break-down in a Type 3 (as yet!).

The only rescue times have been when I dropped a valve in a Beetle, and when the
muffler pipe on a Jetta broke and scraped along the road - exciting trail of
sparks, the driver behind reported.  I've pushed the Beetle fuel-pump pin back
in on another occasion, but really in that number of years, VWs have proved very

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