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Re: [T3] vapor lock cont'd

At 06:59 AM 11/21/2005, Jim wrote:
If you were measuring both with the same gauge, at the same location, and under
the same circumstances, then the old one must have been hotter, at least at
that location. It's conceivable that there's something about the airflow around
your new one that has changed the temp up at the pump, but that seems like a
long shot. You don't have an "over the top" exhaust now do you? Do those
actually go over the top of the intake bellows?

I do have an over the top (ISP West version, painted with POR hitemp exhaust paint) which is almost identical to a single extractor, except it's inverted and the muffler is a bit smaller. Everything is under the bellows, and there is still plenty of clearance between the top of the muffler and the bellows (like 2 inches). I'm not sure how much more heat this unit could generate as opposed to other extractor systems (?) but the slight problem I'm still having seems to imply the post shutdown heating of lines/pump and/or a blockage in the metal chassis line (it's still hard to start when hot and then parked for 10-15 min, although I can always get it started, and it doesn't skip a beat once running). Here are a few photos:


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