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Re: [T3] Fuel Injection vs. Duel Carbs

<x-flowed>RonB=> I have a good local VW mechanic

The subtle question is: how much experience does he have with Type 3s? We're different.

=> The engine I have came out of a 72 type 3 and was previously set up for
=> fuel injection. ... what is the cost comparison to do each, what are the
=> benefits of each and what kind of problems/benefits might I encounter
=> in the future with each.

You probably already know that '69s came with either FI or carbs depending on the target market; if yours was originally bound for the US it probably had FI. And yours is an FI motor, but I'm inferring from your question that you don't have a fuel system for it.

While it costs about the same to set up with FI or carbs (given the resources on this list), there is a hassle factor in crossing over when it comes to small details of fittings, fasteners, and fuel lines. In most decisions to switch from FI to carbs, particularly among 'exprienced' mechanics, the primary factor is ignorance about FI rather than real performance or cost considerations. From all knowledgable reports, FI performs a little better and is a bit cleaner and easier to maintain than the stock carb setup.

This adds up to FI as the better choice in general for a stock configuration in your car. There are some further thing to think about: you may prefer to integrate later-year improvements to the system, and you'll want to gather parts that work weell together. This list is a great source of advice for that process.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600 (carbs!)

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