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Re: Stuttering

Yes, it does seem unusual that the carbon on the spark
plug tip would have prevented combustion, but I've
seen this on my motorcycle as well. Replacing the
plugs corrected the running issue, but of course the
greater problem is why the plugs are fouling. I need
to check the battery for 14 volts at speed as Dave
suggested. Why the voltage regulator would cause a
rich running solution is a mystery to me, though.

If you haven't seen the Bosch Platinum plugs, they are
different than the standard plug...the electrode is
very thin, and doesn't stick above the ceramic. Seems
like it would be easy to foul given the reduced amount
of exposed electrode surface area.

Jim, your idea of checking the FI relay ground was a
good one, though. I was playing with the screw a bit
while the engine was running (maybe not the best
idea?) and heard it engaging as the ground was
interrupted. The relay I must've heard was actually
under the dash, though, and wasn't the cause of the
issue. Still, I cleaned up a few different grounds and
wire connections, which may have helped.

Yes, I was referring to the FI idle adjustment
screw...I guess I was using carburetor terminology
when I said "bypass screw".

I also need to check my spark plug wires. When
changing plugs one of the wire ends fll off in my
hands...I screwed it back on the wire, but it still
didn't seem tight. 

Of course, the real cause of the problem is the fact
that just the day before I called the Fasty "my most
reliable car" ;-)

- Doug :-)

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