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Re: [T3] Mysterious plumbing under the gas tank

On 20 Nov 2005 at 20:50, Ron Bechdolt wrote:

> I'm new to restoring and am just starting to tackle my 69 fastback I 
> recoverd from a salvage yard in South Dakota.  I pulled the gas tank 
> today and noticed two hoses coming from it and leading to/from/around a 
> mysterious contraption under the tank.  What is it?  Is is a pump of 
> some kind?  If I'm converting to dual carbs, will I still need it?

That's the FI fuel pump. If it still runs it has value, as they are quite 
expensive. My recommendation would be to preserve the FI, because it is likely 
to run better that way and you're likely to be happier with it in the long run, 
but I realize that you may already have made up your mind.

> Also, my gas tank looks remarkably well inside (for as little as I know 
> about it), as if it was drained prior to disposal.  What, if anything, 
> do I need to do to it?

If it's clean, nothing.

> Lastly, does anyone know the best place to get some replacement rocker 
> panels.  Most of the body on this fasty is intact, but the rocker panels 
> suffered. 

AFAIK there is no source for replacements, but a good body or sheet metal shop 
could roll up outer skins from sheet metal.

Welcome to the type 3 list. 

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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