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Re: [T3] Dual Carb Woes

<x-flowed>I took the top of the carb off and found it dry.
When taking off the fuel line, fuel dribbled out.
The carb valve was sticking so I flushed it out
with cleaner and after re-installation it was
providing fuel.

So now on to electrical to see why it didn't start.

After fiddling around and re-adjusting the points,
I check the cap to see if there were any indications
of a spark and lo and behold found that the plunger
for the connection to the rotor was just plain missing!

This was a brand new cap and I could see the spring,
but there wasn't a plunger to connect to the rotor.
No wonder there was no spark.

Now it's on to other things, as no FLAPS that are
open will have what I need.

I get a week without the family to get working on the
square, and at least I'm making some progress, but I
want to drive it!

Jeff  '67 Sqbk

knowonelse@sbcglobal.net wrote:

It wouldn't start and it seemed
like a fuel problem so I looked down the throat of each card while
hitting the fuel. The right carb pumps gas into the carb, while the
left one doesn't.

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