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Re: [T3] End of 1776 overheat saga and vapor lock Q. (long!)

At 09:01 AM 11/18/2005, you wrote:
It sounds like you've got a solution, but I'm still puzzled by why this was
happening at all. It's certainly possible that the larger engine is the cause,
but most of your test should have gone the same with a stock engine, which
we're pretty sure would have done fine.

The builder (who has all kinds of great feedback on the Samba and is pretty well known in Southern Cal for quality work) has said the same thing almost verbatim which is why this is bizarre.

A couple of questions: The engine cooling air gets sucked in thru the bodywork.
Are there any rust holes underneath that could suck in hot air with the cool
air? I probably asked this before, but I don't remember the answer.

I have been over every inch of the cool air system and there are no holes/obstructions whatsoever. I even siliconed up the holes left by the missing thermostat flap rod and put in a timing hold bung for good measure.

How sure
are you of your temp sensor calibration?

I did the boiling water with meat and candy-thermometer test, and it was within 2 deg, so it isn't reading too high for sure.

More comments on a different response....

Many thanks!

Dave Y.
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