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Re: [T3] End of 1776 overheat saga and vapor lock Q. (long!)

At 06:05 PM 11/18/2005, you wrote:
Problem with the oil coolers is that they make for even more restriction to
the flow of oil and more work for the oil pump, which may be fine for a new
engine but when it gets old and worn, could be a problem.  How is your hot
idle and freeway oil pressure?

It's a heavy duty Berg pump, but no doubt it will be working much harder pushing that oil through the full-flow, hoses and cooler. Should I just replace the pump every 20-30K miles or so to be on the safe side?

Re. hot idle and fwy oil pressure, I don't have a gauge, so no clue. Where would the sender for a pressure gauge mount?

Since the 1776 runs marginally hot... this may be a good compromise so long
as the oil pressure remains OK.

My oil temp sender is at the oil relief so it is definitely registering the temp at the hottest point. (I calibrated the gauge with the high-tech boiling water technique, using both Meat and Candy thermometers... it was within 2 deg.). So witht he cooler/fan setup the oil temperature problem is solved for now (or compensated for) but I am still on the hunt for anything else that could possibly be causing that extra heat. My cool air system is tight down to the bung... absolutely no holes/leaks/missing tins/blockages. Advance set to max at 30 deg on the new 009, compression normal, 170 mains were selected on the dyno, and look OK on visual inspection. Everything is tight, and it runs very strong and sounds great (vapor lock problem when restarting hot aside!) so I'm stumped aside from the possibility that it's just due to the larger engine size.

As always thanks for the response(s)!

Dave Y.
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