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Re: [T3] HELP! Stuttering and Stalling

On 18 Nov 2005 at 6:50, Doug Brashear wrote:

> My car ('73 Fastback with stock FI and Pertronix
> ignitor) started up fine this morning (about 28
> degrees F outside). However, after backing out of the
> driveway and getting all of 10 feet down my street,
> the car stalled. I started it again, and had to fight
> it to keep it going. Sometimes it would idle on its
> own, sometimes it would want to stall.
> Around when it would want to die or when fighting it,
> I would hear the same click you do when you turn the
> key to the on position. Perhaps this is an FI relay
> activating the system? The desire to stall doesn't
> only seem to happen when I hear the click, though.

This really sounds like a loose wire problem. There are many possibilities, so 
it wouldn't hurt to just look everything over for something that's loose and 
could be making an intermittent contact depending on the motion of the car.

Here's one possibility:

Look under the back seat, behind the driver. There are 2 relays bolted to the 
top rail of the kick panel. The larger one is the FI main power relay. Make 
sure its attaching screw is tight, because there is a wire there which grounds 
one side of that relay coil.

> I should say that for the past few weeks, ever since I
> adjusted my idle downward a bit (as the summer temps
> fade and the 50 and 40 degree days set in, the RPMs
> would creep up until I was idling at 1500 RPMs before
> the adjustment), the car has stuttered
> occasionally...mostly at highway speeds...just once
> per trip (very infrequently).

The auxiliary air regulator (AAR) is supposed to do this. It admits extra air 
to run the engine faster when it's cold. It will close as the engine warms up 
and this will bring the idle down. The idle setting is supposed to be with a 
warm engine, after the AAR is closed. It seems possible that you've just been 
trying to adjust the idle when cold, which would undo the efforts of the AAR 
and leave the idle set wrong.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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