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[T3] HELP! Stuttering and Stalling

Hello all,

Once again I look into my crystal ball (computer
screen) to consult the all-knowing sage (this list)
about my current woes (car trouble). This just
happened this morning, so I don'[t have much
additional info to offer but my car's current

My car ('73 Fastback with stock FI and Pertronix
ignitor) started up fine this morning (about 28
degrees F outside). However, after backing out of the
driveway and getting all of 10 feet down my street,
the car stalled. I started it again, and had to fight
it to keep it going. Sometimes it would idle on its
own, sometimes it would want to stall.

Around when it would want to die or when fighting it,
I would hear the same click you do when you turn the
key to the on position. Perhaps this is an FI relay
activating the system? The desire to stall doesn't
only seem to happen when I hear the click, though.

Even if I could get it to idle, the minute I'd try to
go anywhere the car would stall again.

I should say that for the past few weeks, ever since I
adjusted my idle downward a bit (as the summer temps
fade and the 50 and 40 degree days set in, the RPMs
would creep up until I was idling at 1500 RPMs before
the adjustment), the car has stuttered
occasionally...mostly at highway speeds...just once
per trip (very infrequently).

Other characteristics of my car:

- I get about 21 - 22 MPG, and before this issue (and
with the exception of the occasional stutter, the car
runs very well).
- Fuel pressure was tested last season and was in line
with the Bentley book figure (something like 32PSI, I
- When the engine is cold turning the key on/off 2 or
3 times before trying to start it (theoretically to
bring up fuel pressure in the rail) helps it fire up.
- The throttle position sensor was replaced last year.

Thanks in advance for any advice you may have!

- Doug :-)

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