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Re: [T3] so many distributor/ignition choices...

On 16 Nov 2005 at 14:25, Steve Jackson wrote:

> My new
> engine came with a distributor that looks like a new one and has "009"
> stamped on it.  So that would make it a non-vac.advance type
> distributor, right?  With that in mind, and keeping in mind I don't yet
> have a coil, or wires, should I replace that with this one?  

One of the early type 3 FI dists is one of your best and most easily 
found options. I don't think there's anything wrong with the 009 
concept, it's more that the ones produced today are of poor quality. 
There's certainly nothing wrong with a mech advance distributor.

> (I have 2 Weber carbs, not sure how the vacuum plumbing should work, or
> if it will work at all with 2 carbs instead of one.  Should there be a
> "tee" where the vacuum will average out?  Wouldn't this look like a
> vacuum leak if one of the carbs has more suck than the other one?).  I
> was also interested in the Pertronix electronic ignition, but unsure of
> going over to the "dark side"!  Perhaps stock and relatively simple
> might be best?  

I doubt if the Webers have any pickoff point for a vacuum advance, 
and even if they did, you wouldn't know which vacuum can it matched 
up to. You're pretty much stuck with mech advance only. You might be 
able to use the 009, or use a FI dist and ignore the vac can. On OE 
setups that had dual carbs, only one carb and a vacuum pickoff for 
the dist.

An electronic ignition can be nice because it eliminates one 
maintenance chore, but they don't yet seem to actually be as reliable 
as one might hope. All in all, I haven't been tempted to invest in 
one yet. Despite what some may try to tell you, they produce no more 
engine power than a stock setup.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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