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[T3] Wing Vent winndows...

Someone wrote...
   Anybody know where I can get a one piece window
kit for a 71 Squareback?
My daughter's car got broken into at school last week
and they got in by prying the wing window open. Plus
I think they look better than the wing windows.

*****Don't know about One Piece windows...but why the
preference for them? Wing Vents are ideal for
adjusting the air/heat in a car...and one can smoke
w/out fuming up the car. They let you keep the
windows open w/out blowing your face around.
 If busted, they are pretty easy to replace, if you
keep a stash of them in the basement. 
   I think that the only reason they are obsolete is
because of MONEY. Insurers didn't want to pay for
injuries for anyone who bangs into the vent window
frame, and VW didn't want to add the extra three
cents worth of metal.
 If vents were discontinued because they provide
potential place for break-ins, what's that about?
Robbers take pity on their victims by going through
the cheapest window to replace?  To prevent
break-ins, some street smarts are helpful...re/ not
parking in dark areas, not-leaving anything remotely
valuable in view, being especially careful if yr Out
Of State (maybe a tourist with cameras etc), really
closing the latch. Parking with sidewalk door near a
tree or utility pole to prevent opening is good

 Yeah, it's a touch more fuel efficient to have a
Streamlined vehicle, without the Open Vents etc, but
besides that...one reason I keep up my T-3s is
because it's impossible to find replacements of such
practicality and fixability that have wing vents.
Maybe it's a claustrophobia thing. Air is nice.  
Can't imagine why anyone would buy a car without

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