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RE: [T3] Keeping the windows clear?

Jim--my car has the Beetle engine in it which has the heat exchangers on
it (they look pretty good, too!) will these fit the T3 engine I am
installing?  Thanks!

Stephen J. Jackson
Commissioning Engineer, Petron Industries, Inc.

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On 9 Nov 2005 at 0:52, Nico Tewinkel wrote:

> So it's the main cooling fan that pushes the air forward? 


> Does this hot air travel past oily engine bits to get to the cabin? 

Not really, the air for the heaters is a separate stream which gets 
diverted and pushed thru the heat exchangers then forward into the 
cabin. There is always some chance that oil from the valve covers 
will drip down on the heat exchangers and get inside, but the odds 
are much better than on early beetles, where the heater just used air 
which had already flowed over the hot cylinders and head.

Beetles shifted away from this system around '62, when the so-called 
fresh air heater system was introduced. Type 3s came with the fresh 
air system from the start.

The most common source of contamination of type 3 heated air is from 
rusty heat exchangers and loose muffler connections, which allow 
escaping exhaust to blow inside the heat exchanger. This will be 
fixed by sealing the lower connections to the muffler.

I now have a stock of good used heat exchangers if anyone needs some.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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