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Re: [T3] synthetic oil and temps and pressures

<x-charset UTF-8>Heres my viewpoint... you can get 125K miles out of a stock motor with Dino
oil, even under heavy use.... why use Synth?  I dont think youll get more
than that out of it with Synth.  With a 1776... reduce that number by about

NEW engine , with SAE30, at 70mph (~3400RPM) on the highway on a 90 degree
day will net you 38-40PSI and about 12PSI at idle  (less idle pressure with
full flow)'
at 100Kmi im down to about 25-26PSI at 70 and 6-8PSI idle.

Just for a reference anyway.


> i was using 10W-30 before.  they don't make a straight weight 30
> synthetic and i was trying to take advantage of the new technology in
> synthetics (insert arguments about the validity of that statement).
> >for jim:
> yes, i have a full flow with tapped case and berg single outlet oil pump.
> re: pressures: at what pressure should i worry that it's too low.  at
> 6 psi?  i removed the idiot light to use the same wire for my gauge,
> which i look at religiously, so the light can't help me.  i guess the
> follow up is, can i trust the numbers coming from my nice VDO stuff
> for accuracy?  if i am able to maintain 20 psi or even 15 or 10 at
> stop lights on a "hot" drive is it perfectly fine?
> also, if i can trust my temperatures coming from my oil temp gauge, at
> what point should i worry?
> same for head temps, what is the worry number?  the sender is on spark
> plug hole number 3, held in by the spark plug.  it stays at about 350.
>  gets there quick and then stays pretty constant, regardless of oil
> temp creeping up.
> if i want to change back to dino oil to check the numbers, can i just
> do it willy nilly?  are there any issues to having the different kinds
> of substances running through and mixing up so much?  i guess not, if
> they sell synthetic blends (which i heard were bad).
> thanks,
> dan
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