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Re: [T3] Squareback car cover

On Nov 7, 2005, at 8:06 AM, Gary Gamboa wrote:

=>  what do i do about my antenna that doesn't go down past 1.5 feet?

You can swap your stock antenna for one that telescopes all the way down. I have a custom-made
car cover from California Car Cover, my stock antenna was hosed so I replaced with a manual one, it
comes with a little key to pull it up from its base.

The cover is great, it fits like a glove and the surface of the car is completely dry about 5-10 minutes after a rain shower.They custom fit any car, about $169 for the square.

here's the antenna I have:

http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/VW-TYPE-3-ACCESSORY-HIRSCHMANN-AM-FM- RADIO- ANTENNA_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ38644QQitemZ7965177214QQrdZ1QQsspagen ameZWD1V

sounds like the same one.

I have three car covers, with the roof rack, they don't cover all the way down the back half of the car,
the custom fit ones fit a square without a roof rack perfectly.

They put these custom car covers together from a pattern when you order them, so you could probably
call them up and ask them to add some length to the sides to accommodate the roof rack.
They make them from all sorts of different materials. You might want to ask for samples
first before you order one.

For the roof-rack, I used two car covers, a softer one underneath and then a rectangular bucket on the roof rack
to raise it up the second waterproof car cover on top.

Of course, I used mine when my garage was full and I had leakage problems, so the car cover kept the water out of the car.
Now, I keep both squares in the garage.

BTW, Once you learn to take the car cover on and off by folding in the right way, they're easy to deal with taking them
on and off quick. Until you do it really seems like a huge pain in the butt.


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