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Re: [T3] Squareback car cover

<x-flowed>DanH=> is a car cover the best way to go?

A quality cover will help a lot. It's not a cure-all, of course, and there's a certain continuing hassle factor in dealing with and maintaining the cover. You also have to think about where to put it when it's not on the car.

=> is there a certain brand or "quality" i'm looking for?

The higher-quality soft covers will shed most rain, but only until the wind loosens up the elastic and the sun eats away at the fibers. If it's in the sun daily, don't expect any cover to last more than a couple of years, and budget for that. Covers that employ end straps in addition to a belly cable are usually worthwhile. Wind is relentless.

=> do i have to keep the water totally off it, or is it ok to keep the sun
=> off and let it get wet with a thinner cover?

Water doesn't hurt paint. The only reason to keep water out is so the car's still pretty when you take the cover off. Good covers breathe so any water that gets through dries quickly, preventing mold and other icky problems.

=> can i get a generic cover or is it not worth getting one that doesn't fit perfectly?

Tighter fit lasts longer, because the wind can't get at it as easily.

=>  what do i do about my antenna that doesn't go down past 1.5 feet?

Put a hole in the cover.

=> if my car has a 3/4 roof rack, can i still use a cover that's cut for a stock square?

A custom cover certainly won't fit the same. With a generic cover you may not notice the difference.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600 (T14 cover sorta fits)

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