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Re: [T3] stud removal

<x-flowed>At 10:49 AM 11/5/2005, Jim Adney said:
>On 4 Nov 2005 at 17:56, Steven Ayres wrote:
>> Prabhu=> but he used one with really fine threads, ... could i possibly
>> => just re-thread it?
>> For the trouble that would be, adding in the hassle later when you need
>> a different wrench for that one smaller nut, it makes more sense to
>> replace the stud. It sounds like you may have enough meat left to get
>> hold of it with some vise grips and just twist it out. Heat first might
>> help.
>I've never had ANY luck trying to do this, and, while it seems like
>heat should help, it just seems to make things worse when the threads
>are in aluminum. It just seems to make the aluminum gummy and more
>likely to seize up on the threads.
>Have you ever done this successfully, Steve?

Heat helps for steel in steel situations. I think for steel in aluminum or magnesium the case will produce your effect. Maybe a few days of applying penetrating oil and tapping the stud with a metal tool lightly before actually trying to unscrew it would help. Anyhow, I had to grind mine flat, drill out the center, and use an extractor. Then I used a helicoil too, even though the threads looked okay.

Michael Cecil

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