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Re: [T3] Generator Sparks and noise

<x-flowed>>On 17 Oct 2005 at 13:14, Gary Gamboa wrote:

> I recently installed a new Bosch generator, but it was giving me > squealing noises, so I removed the belt (new) and tighted up the by > removing all but 1 shim. It is tighter now and the squealing is gone. > Problem now is that I'm getting sparks inside the generator housing at > higher rpm. Is this normal?

You don't want to go overboard with the shims, because overtightening
will just lead to rapid belt and bearing wear. You want it only as
tight as it needs to be to not squeal. It can be a pain to find that
point, but the good news is that once this is done you won't have to
readjust it for years.

A certain amount of sparking is normal; a lot of sparking is not.
This is hard to describe; it's kind of a judgment call. A freshly
rebuilt generator should have a commutator which has been turned
nicely round, and an out-of-round commutator is the biggest cause of

OTOH, Mike W. had a fresh Bosch rebuild where the commutator was
grossly out-of-round.

One thing you can do is just see if the brushes are going up and down
to follow the commutator. There should not be enough movement there
to either see or feel.

Noise seems to coming from the pully itself. I removed the generator and noticed
the inside pully does not fit snug on the generator shaft, and it wobbles when I spin it.

Do I need a new pully?

The brushes are not going up and down, following the commutator.

'71 FI AT Square

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