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Re: [T3] HELP! Nose stuck shut!

What I'm about to say may be completely useless in your situation, but
I thought I'd contribute since years ago I had a similar problem with
a 69 Squareback and a 66 Bug. The problem for each was that the hood
itself was slightly misaligned. The Bug had a new hood which was
improperly installed and the Squareback had issues with the tired old
hinges letting the hood move a little crookedly. It would end up
wedging itself shut instead of properly latching. The only way I could
get it to open was to have someone hold the lever while I pulled,
lifted, and wiggled the hood until it came loose. I managed to not
break anything in the process (they're amazingly resilient!) and once
properly aligned, everything worked ok.   It was really scary though
because it would stick so tightly that it felt impossible to open.

I hope that my experience might be of some help. I can't actually look
at my current Squareback for any better ideas since it's been away
getting work done very slowly for a couple of years. I'm sure one of
the more mechanically saavy people in this list will have a different
idea if the group-effort-pull-n'-pray doesn't work :-)

Good luck!

On 6/30/05, Timothy Kender. <timothy_kender@cox.net> wrote:
> Hi folks! What do you do when the nose is stuck on a 1973 Fastback?
> The cable is intact in the glovebox, but there is either misalignment
> in the latch under the nose, or there is too much slack in the
> cable's path. I need to open it ASAP but not damage parts. then
> figure out how to adjust whatever is wrong in there.
> Thanks in advance.
> Timothy
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