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Re: [T3] Gas Smell

<x-flowed>Thanks! I'll get on it ASAP, my guess is its broken or not there, the car has been without any real upkeep for years. I'm hoping to nurse her back to health.

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On 28 Jun 2005 at 23:08, Ben Mungkornpanich wrote:

Ok, I as I stated before I have a '69 Squareback that I purchased about a
month ago and I've noticed that after I fill her up with a full tank of gas
there is a strong gas smell inside the car...it seems to be in the front
area. I thought it was just a one off thing that happened when I put a
little STP Engine Cleaner in her but it still does it if its just plain jane

You probably have a broken gas overflow hose. It's located under the RF fender
and you can probably see gas running out onto the ground when you top up the
tank. The part you're looking for is 311 201 179A. It's NLA from VW, but they
can sometimes be found elsewhere.

This is a VERY important thing to fix. If you leave it alone, not only will you
waste gas and pollute the air, but dirt and water will get splashed into the
gas tank and eventually cause you some very annoying and expensive problems.

It is possible to fashion a makeshift replacement from common hose and some
other parts. This may not fit perfectly, but it will cure the real problems.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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