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Re: [T3] Is this the list email address?


Is this the one you're looking for?





      I hope this is the list address. If not,

If it is...for starters, I have a 71 Sqbk, very low
miles, formerly automatic, now standard...that needs a
Turn Signal Switch.

 Such a switch (# 311 953 513 D) seems so far
impossible to get.  So...what about adapting OTHER
switches from other years?  Do folks just get other
steering columns in order to get more common parts for
turn signals and etc?

It's got a 6 1/4 inch black plastic wire holder (to
go into steering column) with 6 prong connector.

It only has turn signal, dimmer, and horn contacts.
No wiper or squirter.

Also...if anyone knows where a NEW wire Harness can be
found...or how to do NEW wires, that would be helpful.
It's not the miles on the car re/ wires and plastic,
it's just the AGE.

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