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Re: [T3] Is this the list email address?

On 28 Jun 2005 at 17:09, J. Jonik wrote:

>        I hope this is the list address. If not,
> advise.

This is it. You did the right thing.  ;-)

>  If it is...for starters, I have a 71 Sqbk, very low
> miles, formerly automatic, now standard...that needs a
> Turn Signal Switch.
>   Such a switch (# 311 953 513 D) seems so far
> impossible to get.  So...what about adapting OTHER
> switches from other years?  Do folks just get other
> steering columns in order to get more common parts for
> turn signals and etc?

If you watch ebay, and maybe call around, you will eventually find one, but a 
better option might be to try to fix the one you've got. What, exactly, has 
gone wrong with it? Some typical problems with these have rather simple fixes.

> Also...if anyone knows where a NEW wire Harness can be
> found...or how to do NEW wires, that would be helpful.
>  It's not the miles on the car re/ wires and plastic,
> it's just the AGE.

71 is a good year and the wires should not have aged that badly. Were they beat 
up by a previous owner, or has it lived its live in Death Valley? You're very 
unlikely to ever find a NEW harness, but you might find a good used one. I 
believe I have 2 here. In general, however, I don't recommend this. It's a LOT 
more work than you expect and you may never get it all hooked back up again 

There are also at least 3 different harnesses: a front wiring harness, a mid to 
rear harness, and a FI wiring harness, plus lots of individual wires. Which 
ones are you having a problem with and what seems to be the problem?

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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