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Re: [T3] Gettin started on the Crate!

Advice taken and engine out!
I found myself saying... is this IT?  its nice not having all those FI wires
WOAH!  did I just say THAT?  :-0

At 33Kmi I dont think that this engine has ever been out! and I just lay
under there again looking at all the rust thinking am I out of my bloody
mind AGAIN?  But we've all been there and this car really does have its good
points.  The only thing of note when I got the engine down is the flywheel.
The outside of the teeth are chewed up.. and the outer 1/3 of the teeth is
kinda mushed out... like the solenoid didnt fully engage before it started
cranking the engine... but is this Possible?  it has to fully engage to
close the switch doesnt it?  the engine and tranny were tight togeather and
the nuts encrusted enough to lead me to believe that that wasnt the problem.
    The only thing is that when I was cranking it with the computer supply
it did indeed have a hard time getting it going at only 5.7V, but once it
finally got cranking it was fine and sounded fine.  Any idea why the teeth
look beat?  they are shiney too implying that it was something that had just

I may need a 6V '65 flywheel!


> Keith -
> I did this to Sophy last winter.  I removed the engine first.....much
> easier and you have better access to things like the heater connections
> and clutch cable and stuff.  With the engine out separate, the subframe
> and trans are nose heavy, but not so much that you can pick it up and
> wheel it around on the wheels.  I supported it about mid trans and it
> balanced pretty good.  Just make sure you get everything disconnected.
> I forgot the shift linkage the first time I started lowering.  Oops.
> Later,
> John Jaranson

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