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Re: [T3] Speaking of brake lines

<x-flowed>Jim Adney wrote:

The holes ARE different, but the difference in the little hole means nothing
compared to the long length of small diameter tubing that both fluids have to
pass thru. If there were really a sound engineering reason to worry about this,
then they should have put the same length of hard line on each side of the MC.
They didn't, and the L/R balance clearly doesn't suffer.

I had wondered about that too - that's why I was trying to get the 'exact' lengths of replacement lines... until I realized just what you said - the lines on the right side are all longer. If there was a delay because of line length, braking would always send you swerving into oncoming traffic.

I did actually visually inspect the new MC while I had it in my hands, but could not see any difference in hole sizes for any of them, so if there was a difference it certainly isn't that noticeable. I think my new MC is actually German (VAG I think).

One problem that might be more serious with this 'non-conforming' switch position is that the rubber boot that covers the switch is positioned such that it would neatly store any water or brake fluid that gets in there, rusting the connections. That switch is indeed more rusted than the other one.


-Nico teWinkel
'71 Fasty, FI, Auto, Yellow
Comox, BC.

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