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Re: [T3] In need of TIRES

> I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that many people make much too much
> of a fuss about old tires.

Probably true - it's an obvious and easily avoided cause for an accident though,
so make sure the limb you go out on isn't a tree by the side of the road, Jim,
we can't afford to lose you or a Type3.  ;-)

Our annual inspection won't pass significantly cracked casings, or anything less
than 1.6mm tread depth but fine crazing is OK.

I had a tyre on a Jetta that passed the check one day and two days later had a
big blister on the side-wall where the tyre carcase was delaminating internally.
No obvious reason why.

Did I hear that Michelin had an embarrassing time at Indianapolis F1 race?
Their tyres were too marginal for the final banked turn and they refused to
guarantee their tyre would cope with the track - left the teams on those tyres
with little option but to not race.  One team on Bridgestones (Ferrari) refused
to allow the track to be altered with a chicane as that would have made their
tyres less competitive, being strong enough to handle the banking!  Ended up
with a 6-car race and lots of points for the Ferraris (who need them this year!)
and a couple of the minor teams.  Red faces all round really, and no help for F1
in the USA.  Saddest loss for the spectators who had come from many countries
and paid a lot of money for a good race.  (Maybe best for comments to be off

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