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[T3] More on TIRES

Hello all,

So it looks like the candidates so far are:

- Kelly Metric Radial
- Cooper Sportmaster GLT
- Pep Boys Future Euro Metric
- Forestone Daytona Metric Radial

Did I miss any models that people suggested? I'm going
to start calling around this week for prices.

As for whay I mean by dry rot, it's not only that the
tires are cracking on the surface, but now that one of
the tires is completely flat you can see that the
crack goes down to the fibers that support the
drywall...so we're talking several milimeters of
rubber that's comprimised.

It's a shame, too, because the rear tires have plenty
of tread on the rear...the fronts, admittedly, show
some cupping because my alignment is out. Hopefully I
can find a place that will give me a deal on the
alignment if I buy a whole set of tires. I don't have
time right now to align the thing myself, though I
have done it before on other VWs I've owned.

As for the set of tires in Boston, I'm in VA so I'd
have to have 'em shipped, and unfortunately I've grown
rather fond of my wheels. Also, the wife's not gonna
authorize any excessive expenditure on new tires since
I'm been buying old German motorcycle parts out the
wazoo lately ;-P

Thanks again, and I'll keep everyone informated...

- Doug :-)

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