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Re: [T3] Speaking of brake lines

<x-flowed>Jim Adney said:
The MC used thru with the direct connecting LF line has a tapped port on its
front end. The MC which uses the "cross-under" line has no nose port, but a
port that points right and down.

Interesting... I do have what Bentley calls the "new-type" MC (judging by their picture), but the line from LF goes to the closest spot on the MC. So on my MC, the two front lines are directly opposite each other, with the brake light switch in the angled pointing-downward spot.
But in Fig 4-9 Bentley shows the brake light switches on the left.
This is the way it was on the car, and I copied it for reinstallation. I wonder if somewhere along the line someone had already replaced it in a "funny" way...
Braking is absolutely even though (testing included "look ma! no hands!" while braking). The brake light switches appear to have the exact same size and thread as the brake line ends, so physically it must be possible to interchange them.
What would be the danger of having it this way?

ps. Those "residual pressure valve" thingies, are those only on the old MCs ? What are they for?

-Nico teWinkel
'71 Fasty, FI, Auto, Yellow
Comox, BC.

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