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Re: [T3] Figuring out the pulley degree notches.

<x-flowed>Okay, thread wasn't helpful (and too much jibber-jabber). For one, how long is the bolt supposed to be that's welded to the spark plug? What if head compression was changed? What if the stroke was changed? Those can make a difference when the piston hits it and thus determining TDC. I like Russ' idea best.

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Michael Cecil wrote:

At 11:21 AM 6/23/2005, Toby Erkson said:
>But how can you check it when you don't even know what notch represents
>0¼? ;-)  That is a nice wheel, BTW.  Thanks for the link :-)

Welcome. I've just been using the 0 degree mark on my pulley assuming it's right, but there was a thread in RAMVA not long ago detailing this same problem. I think it involved making a jig to go into a spark plug hole where you'd rotate the engine each way until the cylinder was stopped by the jig, marking each stop point on the pulley, then measuring halfway between them. Hmmmm. Here's the thread: http://tinyurl.com/cte5o

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