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Re: [T3] Speaking of brake lines

On Thu, 2005-06-23 at 11:08, Jim Adney wrote:
> On 23 Jun 2005 at 10:55, Aaron Clow wrote:
> > The problem I had was trying to get the rubber hose coupling separated 
> > from the brake line. They were rusted together and nothing was going to 
> > get them off... So I figured I could just replace the brake line as well...
> Do you own a set of metric line wrenches? You really need these to do this 
> work. They are also known as flare nut wrenches, and they look like 6-point box 
> end wrenches with a nibble taken out of the box so you can slip them over the 
> line.

And make those 6 point line wrenches. I have seen 12 points, and with
those , you might as well use pliers.

> I find that when these joints are tight, I can put the proper wrench on each 
> hex, at an appropriate angle from each other, and then just squeeze them 
> together with one hand. Once you get the wrenches in the right orientation, 
> this always works. You can exert a huge amount of torque this way, and you can 
> do it in places where you couldn't otherwise get 2 hands.
Russ Wolfe
'71 FB AT
'66 FB MT
'64 T34 (not running)
'65 T1 (not running)
'05 KIA Sorento SUV

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