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Re: [T3] Figuring out the pulley degree notches.

On 23 Jun 2005 at 9:29, Toby Erkson wrote:

> Thanks Brian and Jim.  Jim, I am assuming that the first notch for the 
> '68-'71 is 0¼ judging by the spacing...correct?


> So for the FI cars there are two pulleys.  And the pre-FI cars have 
> another pulley.  Is this early pulley the same for all early cars or do 
> they have differing ones as well?

I'm not sure when the 68-71 pulley actually started. It may well have been 
before 68. We've talked about early pulleys here before, but I don't remember 
the details. The only thing that I'm fairly sure of is that all type 3 engines 
in a given year got the same pulley, regardless of FI or carb(s). 

ISTR that we came up with 4 different pulleys to cover all years, but someone 
like Everett will have to confirm this.

> Yes, I wonder about the accuracy of the notches as well, particularly the
> BDC location.  If we knew the BTC mark was exactly BTC (180¼) then with the
> degree wheel Michael pointed us to we could then determine TDC and thus the
> degree of each mark.  Ah, if it were only that easy... 

Well, there really isn't any BDC mark. [Is that what you meant? I don't know 
what BTC means.]  

The only thing we have to start with is TDC, but of course with enough effort 
you can work out anything you want from there, to whatever accuracy that the 
TDC mark gives you. You could even do this with a measuring tape and a 
calculator, but real accuracy would require a mill, a dividing head, and some 
special fixturing.  

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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