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Re: [T3] Figuring out the pulley degree notches.

<x-flowed>Thanks Brian and Jim. Jim, I am assuming that the first notch for the '68-'71 is 0¼ judging by the spacing...correct?

So for the FI cars there are two pulleys. And the pre-FI cars have another pulley. Is this early pulley the same for all early cars or do they have differing ones as well?

Yes, I wonder about the accuracy of the notches as well, particularly the BDC location. If we knew the BTC mark was exactly BTC (180¼) then with the degree wheel Michael pointed us to we could then determine TDC and thus the degree of each mark. Ah, if it were only that easy...

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Jim Adney wrote:

There are 2 different 4 notch pulleys, so you have to look at the pictures.

|    | | |  (68-71)  is TDC, 7.5, 10, 12.5

|   |   | |  (72-3) is -5, TDC, 5, 7.5

Both are shown in the Bentley, but I don't think it gives the numbers.

I'm not familiar with any 3 notch pulleys; it must be from earlier than 68.
I've always wondered how accurate the timing marks actually are, since there is actually a bit of play in the keyway and the dowel pin, so this is unlikely to be exact.

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