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Re: [T3] Figuring out the pulley degree notches.

On 22 Jun 2005 at 21:00, Toby Erkson wrote:

> Okay, got the Bentley and Idiot's Guide and I'm seeing some conflicting 
> data.  Reading the notches from left to right, what degree should they 
> represent i.e. 0¼, 5¼, etc.?  Remember, there are three notch and four 
> notch pulleys -- my baby is four notches, the one next to my desk is 
> three notches.

When in doubt, the Bentley is almost always the correct one.

There are 2 different 4 notch pulleys, so you have to look at the pictures.

|    | | |  (68-71)  is TDC, 7.5, 10, 12.5

|   |   | |  (72-3) is -5, TDC, 5, 7.5

Both are shown in the Bentley, but I don't think it gives the numbers.

I'm not familiar with any 3 notch pulleys; it must be from earlier than 68.

> Also, the bridge at the opposite end...does the center of it represent 
> 180¼?  My baby's pulley is the "bridged three teeth" but the pulley I 
> have next to my desk has only two "bridged teeth" with a small pointer 
> (or triangle) below it.

The bridge in the casting on the other side is aprox 180 from the timing marks, 
but I don't think you can assume that there's any particular place on it that 
is exactly 180 unless you remove the pulley and find the exact BDC from the 
marked TDC. I'm not familiar with different bridges; I probably just never 
looked that close.

I've always wondered how accurate the timing marks actually are, since there is 
actually a bit of play in the keyway and the dowel pin, so this is unlikely to 
be exact.           

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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