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[T3] 1973 AutoTranny Symptoms.. Advice please.

<x-flowed>Hi folks,
This group is rapidly becoming my 2nd net home. Thank you all! Now here's my situation.

My 1973's AT behaves oddly. I took it to my mechanic to see if he can adjust the carb (PO removed all FI when he replaced the T3 with a bug engine sans tin!) the mechanic adjusted the carb, checked the VM & hoses, wired the chocke, set dwell, timing, points, etc. He remain mystified.

1.    The AT wants to get to 3rd pretty quickly. (As in 10-15 MPH)

2.    The AT wants to skip 2nd to get there.

3. The AT likes to slam into 1st from a dead stop if it was left in 3rd gear.

4. The AT seems to think that standing idle in gear means "leave it in 3rd till I need you to downshift, then go for 1st!"

5. If I manually control the gear changes, 1st & 2nd are very well-behaved. Tranny shifts up & down with no problems, and only is there a slight slamming into 1st. But, if I shift from 2nd to 3rd and forget to remove my foot from the gas, then the engine seems to slip to neutral, wind up high, and never find 3rd UNTIL I let off the gas, then the vacuum allows 3rd to engage.

6. Going from Reverse to Drive 1 is quiet & smooth at take-off, but from Reverse to Drive 3 causes that loud slam as the AT thinks I've left it in Neutral until vacuum or RPM's tell it, "hey the driver wants us to go! Get into 1st!" this causes the slamming into gear to happen.

7.    Going from any forward gear to reverse is pleasant and smooth.

8. I get the smoothest driving results if I downshift through the ranges as I come to a stop (3rd to 2nd at 25 MPH; 2nd to 1st at 10 MPH.) When downshifting, there is no slamming, no loud bangs, nor any other untoward issues, it all shift bases upon the engine's vacuum. Sometimes, I nudge the gas a wee bit for it to select 1st as I slow if it doesn't shift itself before is completely pause at a red light.

9. The dipstick shows proper levels when checked with it idling in Park.

10. Temperatures play no key role as it behaves as stated regardless of fresh in the AM or after 30 minutes.

11. There is no ATF leak on the ground, nor in the VM hose to exhaust.

12. I currently drive it from 0-35 with the shifter at 2nd gear, then manually choose 3rd above 35 MPH. This usually gives pleasant results. All seems to usually shift up and down well.

13. I've not yet found the AT to have a "kickdown" behaviour. Rather, I've found it to have a "kick to neutral and rev up the motor" behaviour when I open the throttle. But if it does kickdown, I have that "gawdawful" metallic slamming & scraping of the tranny as it locates 1st -- a sound I don't like hearing as I imagine bits of vw AT rending to pieces and littering the AT pan.

14. I've not opened the AT pan and checked for debris as I awai Jim to send the ordered parts. We are now waiting on folks here to gve input, insight, and experiences that are similar to mine.

Please advise. This is my first Autotranny, and I think it wants me to treat it more like an Autostick!

Thanks in advance,
1973 Fasty "Sport"
1977 Highroof "Little Buddha"

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