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Re: [T3] Suspension sag

<x-flowed>JosephI=> front drivers side of my sqb sags quite a bit. What would
=> be the best thing to do to fix this. The rear also sags a bit on the
=> drivers side.

First, I might infer from the way you put the question that you don't clearly understand that when the suspension is substantially out of whack, something is wrong that could be life-threatening. Of course, 'quite a bit' is a subjective call, and to help at all we'll need a clearer idea of the problem.

Measure from the ground to the top of the wheel arch on each side, front and rear, and tell us the results. Does the suspension creak? Has something changed? Over how much time? How long has it been as it is? Have you looked at your suspension closely, and checked against your manual for missing and broken bits?

The short answer to your question is 'repair the suspension.' You may be the victim of a botched lowering job by the previous owner, you may have a cracked or broken torsion bar, or there may be something else wrong. But attempting to mask the problem with springs on your shock absorbers will only waste money and compromise the situation further.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 Big Ghia

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