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Lots of other good stuff that no one picked up like
that set of pop out Fasty glass/rubber.  Guy was
looking for $150 for the whole set up but didn't want
to go home with them. Some Bosch injectors, lost of
good used pressure sensors and the like (got some
picks of all the parts if anyone needs something since
most of the same venders will be back here for
Terryville in August)

 Keith's car was the best, all those trophy's and
plaques on the 1st and 2nd cars are such a turn off.

Here's to more good swaps this summer.


--- Keith Park <topnotch@nycap.rr.com> wrote:

> The swap was quite a find this year...   One vendor
had several "Free Bin's"
> which attract me like a
> magnet but once I found a part number that started
> with a 3 I got juiced.
> then a little digging later I realized that at some
> time they had parted an
> early type 3!  Aside from some nice little seals and
> caps I found an NOS
> early front wheel cylinder (now I only need ONE
> RIGHT one!), a new Cal look
> windshield seal, some nice top cylinder tin, an
> early rear armrest...  >     I came in 3rd, behind
the guys with the
> elaborate displays, but the only
> thing that got me over the Fasty was that he was
> more Custom and our
> category is stock type 3.  Good to see everyone
> again and now Im in just the
> right mood to start the Eggcrate next weekend!!
> Keith

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