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Re: [T3] choosing interiors

<x-flowed>At 09:40 AM 6/20/2005, Jim Webster said:
>I am doing this right now and here is what I found:
>Installed the TMI carpet this weekend.  Someone else said the heater
>openings in the front are off and they are not kidding.  My Notch is an
>early one (63) so that may have been why.  But it was so off I didn't
>even cut the hole yet as I am trying to figure out what to do.  They
>come with an embossed piece of black plastic where the hole is supposed
>to be and you are supposed to cut it out.   But on the early cars they
>are really off.  The rest of the kit fit okay except around the seat
>rails which I had to trim off the nice piping they sew on there just to
>make it fit.  In my book, TMI gets a C-
>While researching which kit to buy for my seat covers, I called Sewfine
>and asked for some original material (I went with mesh grey insert) seat
>covers from them.  Jim is correct as they stated only TMI makes them and
>they would have to order from them.  So stuck again.  I think one can
>purchase just the raw material from TMI and have the seat covers made by
>someone (even Sewfine if you wanted to), but I suspect that would be
>pretty pricey.

Maybe you could take some photos and measurements of the problems so they could address them for future 63 T3 carpet buyers?
Michael Cecil

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