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Re: [T3] choosing interiors

<x-flowed>I am doing this right now and here is what I found:

Installed the TMI carpet this weekend. Someone else said the heater openings in the front are off and they are not kidding. My Notch is an early one (63) so that may have been why. But it was so off I didn't even cut the hole yet as I am trying to figure out what to do. They come with an embossed piece of black plastic where the hole is supposed to be and you are supposed to cut it out. But on the early cars they are really off. The rest of the kit fit okay except around the seat rails which I had to trim off the nice piping they sew on there just to make it fit. In my book, TMI gets a C-

While researching which kit to buy for my seat covers, I called Sewfine and asked for some original material (I went with mesh grey insert) seat covers from them. Jim is correct as they stated only TMI makes them and they would have to order from them. So stuck again. I think one can purchase just the raw material from TMI and have the seat covers made by someone (even Sewfine if you wanted to), but I suspect that would be pretty pricey.


Jim Adney wrote:
On 17 Jun 2005 at 21:15, David wrote:

I'm at a point where I need to order new interior panels and carpeting for
my T3 square.....been doing some reading on this site and Samba......seems
to be a general opinion that the TMI interiors can be junk fitting, whereas
the SewFine interiors are OK, but pricey.........seems that most of the
complaints I have read are about TMI and the fit into buses..........maybe
not so much a problem with T3's???

Everything I've ever heard about TMI was that they were the best. That doesn't mean that they are perfect, or even excellent, but just the best available.

I've bought several sets of OE style seat covers from Sewfine, and I've had some problems with them. They've always come thru for me, but still there were hassles. In the course of this I got the impression that they actually bought their OE style covers from TMI. I've never actually dealt directly with TMI.

I have yet to find someone who makes type 3 seat covers properly.

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