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Re: [T3] Duralast batteries anyone? (and Optima)

<x-flowed>At 09:52 AM 6/19/2005, Jim Adney said:
>On 18 Jun 2005 at 20:14, Keith Park wrote:
>> Actually, I dont really agree with this part. When I changed out my last
>> battery I had some corrosion not because the battery had leaked but because
>> I have this large themal mass sitting on the metal. When temperatures
>> suddenly warm, the battery condenses and gets wet and drips water, plain old
>> water, onto the tray.
>This is a problem I've never actually thought about before. I wonder if there
>might be a way to solve it by making some kind of tray that fit under the
>battery. Something absorbent would probably end up being
>counterproductive, but
>an alum or plastic tray might carry some advantage.
>I always intend to spray some LPS-3 on the pan under the battery, any
>time that
>I have the battery out, but I'm afraid I seldom remember to do this. Even
>engine oil would be better than nothing.

What I did when I first got my VW and noticed a bit of rust under the battery was clean the rust as much as I could with a wire brush, then I used some phosphoric acid to convert the rust to iron phosphate. (I guess I'd use POR-15 now). Then I rinsed with some banking soda and painted the area with a few coats of epoxy black enamel. Then I bent a tray out of some galvanized steel figuring if batteries did leak it would be easier to replace a removable tray than the pan. I lined the bottom of the tray with a couple sheets of regular cardboard that I had soaked in baking soda and let dry. Since then I haven't had any leaky batteries though, so I don't know how well my idea worked.

Michael Cecil

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