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Re: [T3] clutch cable, pedal stops.

On 17 Jun 2005 at 22:53, fess wrote:

> In my '72 Light sider. 
> I had to adjust the clutch a few turns.  It was at the bottom of the 
> pedal, and starting to give me trouble getting in gear. [ I guess it 
> wanted to be like my '67's hydraulic clutch. ]

As the clutch disk wears it is normal for the cable to tighten up and need to 
be loosened. If it suddenly needs to be tightened, it almost certainly means 
that a strand has broken and more are on their way. While I find that clutch 
cables generally last forever, some eventually break. 

I have new ones if you need one.

> Item 2:
> While i was at it I decided to finally do something about the pedal 
> assembly which seemed to flop generally to far forward,  eyeballing the 
> pedal stop, it was all the way back in it's slot, so plenty of room for 
> adjustment.

I assume you mean "rearward."  ;-)

The stop should be adjusted to leave just a bit of free play between the master 
cylinder pushrod and the master cylinder piston. DON'T adjust the pushrod; that 
is set at the factory to compensate for tolerance buildup in the assembly of 
the pan and should never be changed.

Lack of play there will lead to a followup question about brake problems.  ;-)

> Is there some secret to getting the pedal backing plate in and out 
> without having to bend it?

Yes, remove the gas pedal from its hinge first.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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