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Re: [T3] 1973 Fasty Dashboard removal, itty bitty light, cable, and welding?

Timothy Kender wrote:

> Hi all,
> I bought a new dash to replace the San Andreas Fault dash I have. Was
> wondering if anyone knows how to replace a dash and how to remount the
> VIN?
I believe it's riveted on there. I used small pop rivets on a dash I
replaced years ago. Where did you buy a new dash?

> 2nd Q: below the two vent controls there is a small light (LED? Don't
> know for sure as it was crushed by PO or others...) It is to the right
> of my Saphire XV AM radio. Does anyone know what it is? There isn't a
> mention of it in the 1968 owner's manual posted on the Samba. I'm
> guessing it is a dummy car alarm light that looked really cool when it
> used to blink menacingly at any would-be car thieves. But maybe it
> served a higher purpose? Was it standard or dealer-added?
The both '73's I've owned had these. It's a console illumination light,
and is OE. My '03 Passat has this too, though it's mounted on the rear
view mirror and lights red.

> As an aside, I bought a steering wheel & adapter to nake it fit. Then
> found my 1973's steering column is not using the older large spline
> style column, but the newer small spline column. Did VW switch this
> early on mine? Or some PO do that?
I believe halfway through the '72 model year this was changed on the T3,
and it can be found on all 73 model year VWs.

> Lastly, how does one replace the rear hatch cable system? Mine has the
> cool lever in the door pillar, but no cable running anywhere. PO took
> out all the hardware when he replaced the motor with an upright bug!
> He even cut out the sheet metal to shoe-horn the bug motor into place!
> (Anyone got some spare rear end assembly parts that I can weld in
> there?) and yes, it looks like a huge gaping hole where one was a
> parcel zone above the engine.  :-(
> Timothy

Oh the humanity.

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