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Re: [T3] Bug-O-Rama, I mean VW Classic


raru wrote:

anybody got any history links on the Frid... i saw finally saw one up
close at Kelley Park and they just look like mix of different cars. what specifically makes these a type 3? thanks.

Karmann made the Type 147 for VW, and as the type number suggests, it is built on a Type 1 Karmann Ghia (the type 141) chassis. Read more about the Type 147 here: http://pics1.autodb.no/604/604099-bilde6-dsc_0577.jpg

Or you can look at this pic of me checking out the interior of one last year :-)

http://public.fotki.com/Volkswagen/miscelanneuos/fridolin.html (That's my nephew in the front of the pic)

It's a shame really, that VW didnt offer the 147 to the general European public, as the competitors from Volvo, Renault and Citroen (to name a couple of examples) was quite successful around Europe in the 60s and 70s. The car I'm sitting in in this picture was one of a handful that was brought into Norway when it was brand new, this car was used as a courier car for the Norwegian VW importer in the 70s. IIRC, it is a 1969 model. This car was meticulously (sp?) restored to original specifications by the aircooled specialists at HotShop, one of the biggest stores in the aircooled market in Norway.

73 & 70 Variant

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