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[T3] More hydraulic clutch questions.


Well, I've been sitting on my clutch issues, for a little while. trying to figure out what the nicest way to deal
with the situation is.

[ sumary, clutch tube broke, I went with a hydraulic clutch kit that uses the stock pedal assembly.
i don't quite have enough throw to operate the clutch, although supposedly others have had no problems with
this kit in a type3 ] http://herbie.ddv.com/~fess/type3/issues/clutch_tube/

I stopped by my mechanic, and he sort of reprimanded me for not driving the car at all, saying that I should
at least be taking it on some short drives.

So, i've been doing this. And the clutch, is just about useable. I can usually shift when i start out,
although the clutch engages just about at the bottom of the throw. [ My mechanic is more worried that it doesn't fully disengage at the moment, and doen't want me driving too far, so as not to tear up the throw out bearing and such. ]

anyhow, whilst driving it, I've noticed that getting in and out of gear seems to change after I've been driving for a while,
for a little while, I can just get it in gear. Then I can get it in gear if I pump the clutch a little. Then i can't get it in gear unless i stop the car, and put it in gear. Now, i thought that after it sat for a while, it got better again, but after driving a little
longer yesterday [ i was a little further from home ] It seemed to get a little easier to get in gear.

So, my question is. What in a hydraulic system can change like this, and is that any indication as to what my problem might be?

Prior to this observation of change, I was considering trying to fabricate an adustable mount on the clutch arm, so I could slightly adjust the ratio involved. Making a new arm would be nice, but I don't know how that's can be done.


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