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Re: [T3] Duralast batteries anyone?

<x-flowed>We figured that out from someone post. They don't show it on the big battery shelf. Just the free replacement part. The topline was 3 year free replacement and all they made was the 2 year one for her car. I guess it helps to read it all. The thing I like is they put you in the "system" and all you have to know is your name or phone number. Not like wallyworld where you have to keep up with the reciept.

By the time this battery is gone, maybe I can have my fastback finished for her. It has to be a automatic, check, and it must have A/C, well maybe. It has the big cutouts in the front fenders like Russ's parts car, but no a/c. REAL HOT in Texas now.

Jim Adney wrote:

On 16 Jun 2005 at 21:35, Richard Green wrote:

I had to put that same battery (47-dl) in my daughters 99 new bettle today. It was smaller in size but had more CCA the the OEM battery.
It is a vented battery, made in Mexico (this one anyway) that came with a hose to vent it. Only a 2 year warranty, my daughter wanted a better warrnaty, as the OEM was 60 months. The OEM lasted 6 years.

Something's odd here. The Autozone web site claims a 7 year warrantee for the 47-DL. There is, however, a 2 year, no fee period, meaning that replacement is free up to that point. Thereafter the replacement cost is pro-rated.

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