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RE: [T3] Low Voltage

On 16 Jun 2005 at 9:07, James Montebello wrote:

> Here is everything you ever wanted to know about the internals of D-Jet.  It's
> for the 914 systems, but I'd be gobsmacked if the Type 3 systems aren't 99% the
> same, which just a few calibration values differing between them.  The MPS does
> appear to be different for the Type 3 v. the 914, in that the Type 3 MPS has
> only one coil, where the 914 has two, and integrates the air temp signal,
> making the MPS a true air-density meter, not just a manifold pressure sensor.
> http://members.rennlist.com/pbanders/

Yeah, this is the guy who has posted the most info on our systems.

There really aren't any gross differences between the PSs used in any of the D-
Jet cars in the same years. They all consist of a transformer with 2 coils, a 
primary and a secondary, a movable core, a spring, an aneroid bellows, and, for 
70-71 only, a diaphram. There's no temperature measurement done in any of them.

They varied details of construction over the years, but none of that really 
matters. The changes made for different cars were just to change the adjustment 
and shape of the movable core.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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