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[T3] Bug-O-Rama, I mean VW Classic

SHEESH! That's the third title now. I thought it was the "Bug-In" Then
someone in line said it was the Bug-O-Rama. OK will do. thanks! I was
half asleep from pulling an all nighter Friday night to Saturday doing a
rummage sale for Nicole's HS band. :-)

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Hi Rich, I was at the show Sunday too and saw your squareback...looking
good! You got some nice pics of my car in your album, mine's the baltic
blue squareback with the 'type 3 parking only' sign. The red truck was a
Fridolin, a car built for the German and Swiss postal services for
delivering mail. By the way, you might want to retitle the photo album,
since you were at the VW Classic sunday, not the Bug-O-Rama :)  
Robert K 

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From: Schlegel, Richard 
Sent: Thursday, June 16, 2005 7:42 AM
To: type3@vwtype3.org
Subject: [T3] Bug-O-Rama

Sorry if this is a duplicate post but I keep getting them back saying I
am sending in HTML format...

Hey guys!
Had a great time on Sunday with my daughter. The show was good. Swap
meet was low on type 3 parts. A lot of cars. 2 rows of Type 3's! I tried
to get pictures of most of them. Pictures are a little fuzzy in the
middle due to a smudge on the lens that I didn't notice until I got home
of course! Oh well, enjoy the pictures. There is a picture of what looks
like a Red, Type 3 panel truck? Anyone have any idea what it is? I wore
my "Hershey" shirt thinking I might bump into someone from the list but
never did.=20 Take care,

Rich & Nicole (Daughter), Orange County, CA
70/71 SquareBack 1600 FI MT

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