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Re: [T3] Did anyone else see this?

The flat bit is substantially just that; I don't think it has the pressed swages
in it.  The bumper mounts I saw were fairly crudely shaped with folded edges not
pressed.  They're not really visible when fitted so maybe it's not a problem for
most.  The nuts are those captive ones that are riveted in - not as reliable
once the bolt rusts in a bit as a welded nut would be.   We had a guy a few
years back who was getting the bumper mountings pressed - nice job and not too
expensive, but I think he's probably gone the way of all flesh.  He was using
wooden moulds with a big press; quite heavy metal gauge too.  Porsche apparently
used to use that technique - I suppose the cost of the tooling was so much less,
and OK for small runs.

The shaping on the spare wheel area is usually not rusted out - it's normally
only the bottom and where the mount fits, so I reckon you're better off just
cutting a repair panel from flat sheet.  Flange it (joddle?) or butt weld for
the original look.  Use galvanised sheet if you want, but watch the welding

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club
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> John Jaranson wrote:
> > Looks like CIP has some Type 3 rust repair panels including some of
> > the pan edges and the the battery tray!
> >
> > http://www2.cip1.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=TAB-403-&Click=46601
> >
> > Not real cheap, but if you need them they might be OK.
> Hmm. I could be very interested in those front bumper mount repair
> panels, as mine are fairly well rotted. Does anyone have any opinions on
> them?

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