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Re: [T3] crank case breather setup.

On Jun 13, 2005, at 7:31 PM, Steven Ayres wrote:

You're missing the breather box, which bolts to the top of the aluminum stand. It has the plastic cap you describe, which covers a pressure-control chamber, a hose to the air cleaner for blowby and a downpipe for drips. You really need a manual with diagrams, it will help you understand all sorts of things about your car.

The engine has the empi breather on the front wall slight to the right. it's this kit [ http://www.empius.com/b/breatherkit.html ]

the brown bentley page 3-40 fig 20-7 shows the original breather I think you're talking about.
and it describes it as two parts, calling the bottom part the "cast portion" of the breather.

So, my car has the "cast portion" of the breather, and then has a sort of oil filler tube
on top of that with a vent.
It's very short, and is vented over to the empi breather box. It sort of seems like one of these:

http://www.empius.com/o/oilfiller.html  part number 8901.

but it's much shorter.

I assume this piece, and the cap that goes with it is for this type3 application
of those breather boxes, the empi, cip1, bugpack kits, all look to have the same parts.
On the other hand, this "filler" tube does seem to be very close to the lid, and
it may be that it didn't work anyway, if the cap for it was too high. And perhaps
that's why the PO had his make shift plastic cover. The nut
on my make shift plug I think is leaving a small indication that it's touching the
engine lid.

Perhaps I should just convert the breather system over to the cb performance kit:


which does seem to be for type3's [ and I believe it's the one that toby is using? ]

but it would be nice if I could figure out where that "oil filler tube" in my setup came
from, in order to see if there's simply a cap that is appropriate to use with it, on
a type 3.


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